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Electronics and Computer Science (ECS)

COMP6033: Independent Research Review


This course unit allows students to demonstrate mastery of an advanced aspect of the discipline, including critical evaluation of current research and research methods, and an awareness of the current limits of knowledge in this aspect of the discipline.

For MSc students, the review will usually be followed on by a Summer project on the same or similar subject with the same supervisor

Module Details

Title: Independent Research Review
Code: COMP6033

Credits: 5 ECTS credits
Taught in: Semester 2

Immediate prerequisites

No prerequisites

Aims and Objectives


You will be assigned a supervisor, based on your declared interests. You must agree with their supervisor an area to research, and should use the skills developed in your earlier unit to locate a group of 10 or so significant articles, 100 pages or so, relevant to the chosen topic. Ideally these articles should span a period of time, range of publication methods, and research institutions. You should read and summarise these articles, producing a survey article indicating the background to the problem, the methods and results presented in your group of articles, a comparison and evaluation of approaches, and an indication of the outstanding, unsolved, issues and problems. On the basis of this you must also prepare a poster based on your research, to be given at an end of semester research-style conference.

You are recommended to follow the following structure, or similar, for your research project report:

  • Elucidation of research/problem area
  • Context/literature investigation
  • Research methodology description
  • Project outcome
  • Critical appraisal and evaluation
  • References

Learning and Teaching

  • Lecture - 36 hours per semester
  • Tutorial - 12 hours per semester


  • 100% - Research Review. Frequency: 1

Referral policy: By set coursework assignment(s)

Assessment notes