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Electronics and Computer Science (ECS)

INFO2006: Data Communication Networks


To explore theoretical, technical and practical issues of communicating data between computers over networks To examine the technology underlying the Internet To give you a grounding in the communications protocols used and services provided over the Internet

Module Details

Title: Data Communication Networks
Code: INFO2006

Credits: ECTS credits
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Aims and Objectives

understand the fundamental principles of data communications on the Internet; understand the issues affecting network deployment in campus and ISP environments; understand fundamentals of network design; be aware of network security issues; be aware of emerging networking technologies.


Introduction to networking; networking principles The layered network model Network architecture principles Enterprise and ISP networks; campus network case study Physical networks and media Layer 2 - data link; efficiency, types. Link layer protocols. Evolution of Ethernet networks. Layer 3 - IP networking; naming and addressing and their delegation. IP routing; distance vector and link state models IP multicast Quality of service in IP networks; DiffServ, IntServ IPv6; integrating IPv6 with IPv4 Layer 4 - TCP and UDP Network services Network security; malware, DDoS, detection Network security; IPsec, VPNs, SSL Layer 5 - applications; client-server and p2p/distributed models

Learning and Teaching

  • Lecture - 24 hours per semester


  • 50% - Essay/Paper. Frequency: 1
  • 50% - Exam, 0 hour(s)

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