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ECS Scholarships provide benefits and incentives

Scholarship leafet
Scholarship leafet

The ECS Scholarship and Benefits package for undergraduate students is outlined in a new brochure published for Open Day 2008.

The Scholarship and Benefits scheme at ECS is part of the School's determination to pass the additional income derived from tuition fees directly to our students to enhance the whole student experience. This benefits all students in the School and also provides strong incentives to encourage academic excellence.

Students who receive AAA in A levels will be eligible to receive a Zepler Scholarship of £1000 in their first year of study. Students who have taken qualifications alternative to A level will be eligible to receive Scholarships if they are in the top 10 per cent of students in each degree stream. These awards are subject to performance of above 70 per cent in the ECS Semester 1 exams. All these awards are open to all students in the School.

With similar awards in place in subsequent years, it is possible for an ECS student to receive funding of £4000 over the course of a four-year degree.

Other benefits include free books and equipment and careers opportunities.

Full details of the Scholarships and Benefits are on the Scholarships section of our web site.

Generous prizes also exist within degree streams. For example, the top students in Parts 2 and 3 (MEng) of the Computer Science degree stream receive top-of-the-range iPods sponsored by Netcraft, the leading Internet and security company, and this year Imagination Technologies gave Pure DAB radios to the winning team members in the Part 2 Software Design module.

Posted by Joyce Lewis on 12 Sep 2008.