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Professor Dame Wendy Hall honoured by Oxford Internet Institute

Professor Dame Wendy Hall received an ‘Internet and Society Award’ from the Oxford Internet Institute as part of its tenth anniversary celebrations which culminated this month.

The Oxford Internet Institute (OII) has become a major centre for the study of the dramatic societal implications of the Internet. The 10th anniversary celebrations provided the OII with an opportunity to recognize the individuals and organizations that have shaped the development of both the Internet and the Institute, and to look to the future.

The Awards were presented to individuals and organizations ‘who have developed the Internet for the public good in Britain’.

Professor Hall received her award as being one of the first computer scientists to undertake serious research into Web Science. She was a founding director of the Web Science Research Initiative (now Web Science Trust), alongside Professor Sir Tim Berners-Lee, creator of the Web, and Professor Nigel Shadbolt.

Also honoured were Vint Cerf, Google’s ‘Chief Internet Evangelist’, widely recognized as ‘father of the Internet’; Professor Manuel Castells, of the Open University of Catalonia; Joi Ito, of the Mozilla Foundation; Dr David Clark of MIT, Chief Protocol Architect of the Internet; and Niklas Zennstrom of Skype, Internet entrepreneur.

The Oxford Internet Institute is a part of the Web Science Trust Network of research labs (WSTNet), which links research institutes around the world which are involved in many different aspects of Web Science.

Photographed (standing l-r): Professor Eli Noam, Professor William Dutton (OII), Manuel Castells, Wendy Hall, Vint Cert; (seated) Dame Stephen Shirley, Andrew Graham (Balliol College, Oxford)

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Posted by Joyce Lewis on 31 Oct 2011.