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Dr Colin Snook is a senior research fellow in the Electronic and Software Systems research group of the Electronics and Computer Science department at the University of Southampton. He is currently working on the EU FPR7 Advance project developing tools for formal modelling of cyberphysical systems and on the EPSRC Prime project modelling power and reliability management of many-core computers. Dr Snook is best known for the development of the UML-B modelling notation, facilitating the use of formal methods in industry and empirical assessment of formal modelling notations. Dr Snook gained his PhD at the University of Southampton in 2001. Before that he worked for Hawker Siddeley Dynamics Engineering (now AT Engine Controls Ltd.) developing real time embedded control systems in various application domains including avionic engine controls. He also spent several years as a software quality manager.


Research interests

I am interested in tools and techniques to make formal methods more approachable to industry. One way to do this is to integrate formal methods with the tools and methods that are more commonly used in industry. 

I am also interested in methods for developing extensible integrated modelling tools.




PhD Exploring the Barriers to Formal Specification, University of Southampton, 2001 

Professional activities

Ongoing work with AT Engine Controls Ltd.


ESS Lab Manager


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