The University of Southampton

Alexander Daykin-Iliopoulos

Postgraduate research student



MEng Aerospace Engineering from Queen Mary University of london (2014)


Daykin-Iliopoulos, A., Gabriel, S.B., Golosnoy, I.O., Kubota, K. and Funaki, I. (2015) Investigation of heaterless hollow cathode breakdown At 34th International Electric Propulsion Conference, Japan. 04 - 10 Jul 2015. 9 pp.

Daykin-Iliopoulos, Alexander and Desai, Ravindra (2014) Performance evaluation of micropropulsion systems with the application of Active Debris Removal At 50th AIAA/ASME/SAE/ASEE Joint Propulsion Conference, United States. (doi:10.2514/6.2014-3540).

Daykin-Iliopoulos, Alexander, Gabriel, S.B. and Golosnoy, I.O. (2016) An investigation into the glow discharge phase of an LaB6 heaterless hollow cathode At Space Propulsion 2016 (the 5th conference on space propulsion), Italy. 02 - 06 May 2016. 13 pp.


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