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Research interests

Dr. Frey's research deals with complex, dynamic cyber-physical systems with critical safety and security requirements (e.g. robustness, resilience, availability, adaptability) such as the Internet, smart grids, Industrial Control Systems, and critical infrastructures in general. His expertise spans various domains: cyber security, risk management, human factors of security, software engineering, multi-agent systems, organic computing, systems and network security. He has also extensive multi-disciplinary experience, working in close collaboration with sociologists, ethnographers and designers.


Frey, Sylvain Andre F., Diaconescu, Ada, Menga, David and Demeure, Isabelle (2015) A generic holonic control architecture for heterogeneous multi-scale and multi-objective smart micro-grids ACM Transactions on Autonomous and Adaptive Systems, 10, (2) (doi:10.1145/2700326).

Frey, Sylvain Andre F, Elkhatib, Yehia, Rashid, Awais and Follis, Karolina (2016) It bends but would it break? Topological analysis of BGP Infrastructures in Europe At IEEE Europe symposium on Security and Privacy, Germany. 21 - 24 Mar 2016. 16 pp.


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