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Dr Adnan Fazal

Research Staff

My interest in science and engineering started at school. I received my first formal qualification in engineering (diploma - HNC/HND level) from the Polytechnic Institute in my home town Swat in Pakistan and then followed this with an apprenticeship in industry. To further my career in this field, I decided to gain higher education from the United Kingdom and enrolled for a BEng degree at the University of Hull. My research journey in the field of polymeric material began at the University of Hull. At first, I evaluated polymer fracture toughness for my final year BEng project (graduated in 2010) and this has motivated me to develop a career in materials. I continued my research studies at the University of Hull and awarded PhD degree in 2014. My research activities at Hull focused on Viscoelastically Pre-stressed Polymeric Matrix Composites (VPPMCs). These materials offer improved strength, stiffness, impact protection, resistance to crack propagation and protection against abnormal loads. Potential applications of VPPMCs material include light-weight blast-resistant crashworthy structures, morphing structures, safety and sports apparel, medical (dental restoration and prosthetic devices), wind turbine blades and other aerofoil structures. In addition to my research activities at Hull University, I was involved in departmental teaching for BEng/MEng degree programme. 

My research interest here at the University of Southampton focuses on low density polyethylene (LDPE) materials with emphasis on the mechanics and processing of crosslinking. My role in ECS and the Tony Davies High Voltage Laboratory (TDHVL) is to develop insulating material for advanced new generation high voltage DC cables (HVDC) using cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) for enhanced breakdown performance. The main topic of interest is the influence of polymer morphology and in particular its effects on the electrical, mechanical and thermal properties of the material. 




  • Education:                               PhD, PGDip, BEng, MA, BA
  • Professional Membership:  CEng MIMechE, MIEEE, MIET, AFHEA

Professional activities

Visiting Academic:   University of Hull (School of Engineering)

Conferences attended



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Hao, M., Fazal, A., Vaughan, A., Chen, G., Wang, H., Zhang, C. and Zhou, Y. (2016) The effects of semicon on space charge behavior under different temperature conditions for HVDC cable insulation At 2nd International Conference on HVDC - (HVDC2016), China. 25 - 27 Oct 2016. 6 pp.


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