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Professor Stevan Harnad

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Professor Stevan Harnad

ECS, Faculty of Physical Sciences and Engineering
University of Southampton
Southampton, United Kingdom. SO17 1BJ

Position: Academic staff in Web and Internet Science
Extension: 24474
Telephone: Work (Voice): +44 (0)23 8059 4474
Fax: Work (Fax): +44 (0)23-80 592-865
Email: harnad@ecs.soton.ac.uk
Homepage: http://www.ecs.soton.ac.uk/~harnad/
URI: http://id.ecs.soton.ac.uk/person/101 [browse]

Additional Contact Details

UQàM Montreal: 1-514-987-0027 & 1-514-285-4948

Interests: categorisation, cognitive science, communication, consciousness, institutional repositories, language evolution, movement, open access, research metrics, sensorimotor learning, symbol grounding, volition


Stevan Harnad is Professor in the Department of Psychology at Université du Québec à Montréal, holding the Canada Research Chair in Cognitive Sciences and is also Affiliate Professor in Electronics and Computer Science at University of Southampton, UK. 

Born in Budapest, Hungary, Harnad did his undergraduate work at McGill University and his graduate work at Princeton University. His research is on categorisation, communication and cognition and the open research web. Founder and Editor of Behavioral and Brain Sciences (a paper journal published by Cambridge University Press), he is Past President of the Society for Philosophy and Psychology, External Member of the Hungarian Academy of Science, and author and contributor to over 300 publications, including Origins and Evolution of Language and Speech (NY Acad Sci 1976), Lateralization in the Nervous System (Acad Pr 1977), Peer Commentary on Peer Review: A Case Study in Scientific Quality Control (CUP 1982), Categorical Perception: The Groundwork of Cognition (CUP 1987), The Selection of Behavior: The Operant Behaviorism of BF Skinner: Comments and Consequences (CUP 1988), Scholarly Journals at the Crossroads: A Subversive Proposal for Electronic Publishing (1995), Essays on the Foundations and Fringes of Cognition (in prep) and Cognition Distributed: How Cognitive Technology Extends Our Minds (Benjamins 2008) 

The EPrints research team at Southampton University is at the forefront in the critical developments in OA across the past decade. The team: -- hosted one of the first OA journals, Psycoloquy (since 1994) -- hosted the first journal OA preprint archive, BBSPrints (since 1994) -- formulated the first OA self-archiving proposal (1994) -- founded one of the first central OA Repositries, Cogprints (1997) -- founded the American Scientist Open Access Forum (1998) -- created GNU EPrints, the first software for creating OAI-compliant Institutional Repositories (now in use at over 200 universities worldwide) (2000) -- co-drafted the Budapest Open Access Initiative (BOAI) and its self-archiving FAQ (2001) -- created the first citation impact-measuring search engine, Citebase (2003) -- designed the first OAI standardised CV Template for UK Research Assessment (2002) and proposed that the RAE convert to metrics (2003), which the RAE announced it would do in 2007. -- compiled the BOAI Eprints software Handbook (2003) -- formulated and promoted the model self-archiving mandate for departments and institutions, now being adopted worldwide (2003) -- created and maintains ROAR, the Registry of Open Access Repositories worldwide (2003) -- collaborated in the creation and maintenance of the ROMEO directory of journals' OA self-archiving policies, (2004) -- created and maintains ROARMAP, the registry of Open Access Mandates (2004) -- piloted the paradigm of collecting, analysing and disseminating data on the magnitude of the OA impact advantage and the growth of OA across all disciplines worldwide (2004). -- consult and blog widely on institutional and funder Open Access policy-making (2006)


Research on Open Access Scientometrics

Research on Category Learning, Symbol Grounding, and Language Origins 


B.A. (hon. psych.) McGill 1967; M.A. (psych.) McGill 1969;
M.A. (psych.) Princeton 1971; Ph.D. (psych.) Princeton 1991

Other Professional Activities

Worldwide Advocacy for Open Access to Research

Conferences Attended

--- 2009 ---

"Scholarly Skywriting at the Speed of Thought" and "Offloading Cognition onto the Web": WebSci'09: Society On-Line Athens, Greece 18–20 March, 2009  http://www.websci09.org/program/

Invited Speaker: "On the affinities and disaffinities among free software, peer-to-peer access, and open access to peer-reviewed research." Free Software and Beyond The World of Peer Production, 4th Oekonux and P2P Foundation Conference. Manchester, UK, 27-29 March 2009.


Invited Commentary on Machery on Concepts: Concepts: the Very Idea  Ottawa 25-28 May 2009 http://www.acpcpa.ca/content/congress/2009/ACPCPAprogramme2009.pdf  http://eprints.ecs.soton.ac.uk/18029/2/MacheryCommSH.html

Invited Keynote on ETDs and Open Access at 12th International Symposium on Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETD 2009), University of Pittsburgh.  June 10 - 13, 2009 http://www.library.pitt.edu/etd2009/

Invited Talk. "Making AgriScience Open Access" ICRISTAT, Hyderabad, India, 7 Sept 2009 http://www.icrisat.org/ http://users.ecs.soton.ac.uk/harnad/Temp/india.ppt http://www.scidev.net/en/news/agricultural-research-should-be-open-access-.html

Invited Speaker:" Grasping What is Already Within Immediate Reach: Universal Open Access Mandates" Access 2009, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. 1 Oct 2009. http://vre2.upei.ca/access2009/harnad http://users.ecs.soton.ac.uk/harnad/Temp/pei-1.ppt.mov

Présentation invitée: « Chronique lu libre accès » Association des administratrices et des administrateurs de recherche universitaire du Québec (ADARUQ), Québec 19 novembre 2009.  http://www.adaruq.org/Programme_complet_2009.pdf http://users.ecs.soton.ac.uk/harnad/Temp/harnad-adaruq.pdf


--- 2010 ---

Invited Participant: "PostGutenberg Journal Publishing" ("Competing with Free Content: Copyright, Publishing and Open Access") New Publishing Models in the Internet Age.International Publishers Association (IPA) International Copyright Symposium. Abu Dhabi 28 Feb - 1 Mar 2010


Age of Acquisition and the Structure of Dictionary Definition Space Cognitive/Behavioural Neuroscience Seminar, Stewart Biology Building Room S3/4, 
1205 Dr. Penfield Avenue 12 March 2010  http://www.psych.mcgill.ca/misc/bbcseminar/index.html

Le vrai problème de la conscience: le status causal du ressenti (he Real Problem of Consciousness: The Causal Status of Feeeling) Philopolis. McGill University. Leacock 132. 18h15 Samedi 21 mars 2010 http://en.philopolis.net/#


Invited Speaker FORO DE INVESTIGACIÓN Estrategias para la mejora de la visibilidad internacional de la producción científica en las Instituciones de Educación Superior. Ministerio de Educación Nacional de la Republica de Colombia 23 de Marzo 2010



Conérencier invité. Le test de Turing: Le grand défi des sciences cognitives. 17e Journée des Sciences et Savoirs ACFAS Sudbury, 1 avril 2010


Invited Keynote, EDem 2010, 4th International Conference on eDemocracy 2010, Danube University Krems, Austria 6-7 May 2010  http://bit.ly/MjTdQ


Invited Speaker, "Designing a University Open Access Mandate," Open Access Symposium, University of North Texas, Denton TX, 18 May 2010.http://openaccess.unt.edu/symposium


 Invited Speaker, 3rd European Conference on Scientific Publishing: Communication in Biomedicine and Medicine. "Open Access and Beyond" Leiden University Medical Center. 28 May 2010 http://www.lumc.nl/con/2009/90312014738221/#openaccess


 Invited Presentation: UQAM CSI Summer Institute In Cognitive Sciences: The Origins of Language UQAM 21-30 June 2010 http://www.summer10.isc.uqam.ca/page/renseignement.php?lang_id=2


 Invited Participant: Days of E-Learning "Beyond Platforms: E-Pedagogy" Lyon, 24-25 June 2010

Mandating (Green) Open Access to Maximize the Usage and Impact of Danish Research Output. Grundforskningsfonden, Lundbeck Foundations, Danish national. research councils, university research deans and local politcians, Copenhagen, Denmark  3 September 2010. http://odinsravne.blogspot.com/2010/08/denmark-at-open-access-crossroads.html 

 Invited Keynote: Open Access Metrics. 11th International Conference on Science and Technology Indicators. University of Leiden 8-11 September 2010 http://www.STIConference2010.nl

Invited Presentation: Research Evaluation. EuroCris Seminars 2010, Palais des Académies, Bruxelle, 13-14 September 2010 http://www.eurocris.org/public/events/seminars/

Invited Keynote 19th Hellenic Conference of Academic Libraries. Athens, Greece, 3-6 November 2010 http://library.panteion.gr/19libconf/index_en.php

Invited Presentation: "Scholarly/Scientific Impact Metrics in the Open Access Era" Workshop on Open Archives and their significance in the Communication of Science. 16 November 2010 http://www.sciecom.org/ojs/index.php/sciecominfo/

 Invited Speaker: "OA, OA self-archiving, OA publishing, and Data-Archiving" Expert Conference on Open Access and Open Data  Cologne 13-14 December 2010  http://www.oaod2010.de/index.php?id=63

--- 2011 ---

Invited Speaker, Surrey Research Insight, University of Surrey, 18 February 2011 http://www.surrey.ac.uk/research/publications/stevan%20harnad%20SRI%20Event.ppt

Invited Contributor: Online Consciousness Conference. 18 February - March 4 2011 

Invited Contributer: On the Human Online Forum. "Doing, Feeling, Meaning and Explaining" 18-21 April 2011. http://onthehuman.org/2011/04/doing-feeling-meaning-explaining/

Invited Keynote: 32 IATUL  Warsaw Institute of Technology, Warsaw 29 May - June 2 2011

Le développement de nouveaux indicateurs scientométriques pour l'ère de l'accès libre en ligne. Agence Universitaire de la francophonie. U. de Montréal 22 septembre 2011

La conscience entre la neuroscience et la philosophie. Colloque étudiant, U. de Montréal, 25 septembre 2011 http://colloqueconscience.org/?page_id=660 

Invited Speaker: FNRS Open Access Workshop  Brussels 28 September 2011

Plenary Speaker: Library and Information Association of South Africa Plenary Session on Opening Access. East Cape Province, South Africa. 6 October 2011. 

Keynote address on Designing Green OA Self-Archiving Mandates. Open Access Seminar. Stellenbosch University, South Africa, 27 October 2011.  http://library.sun.ac.za/etd/program2011.pdf 

UNESCO Expert Meeting on OA, Paris 23 November 2011.


--- 2012 ---

Budapest Open Access Initiative 10th Anniversary. Budapest, Hungary, 14 February 2012

Invite Keynote PhiloWeb 2012 Lyon France 17 April 2012

"Symbol Grounding and the Semantic Web"  Cognitive Approaches for the Semantic Web  Schloss Dagstuhl - Leibniz-Center for Informatics, Saarland University, Saarbrücken, Germany 28 May - 1 June 2012.

Invited Speaker. III Seminar on Scholarly Communication, Federal University of Santa Catarina, Florianópolis, Brazil, 21 June 2012 

UQaM Summer School on Evolution and Function of Consciousness + Workshop on Measurement of Consciousness.  Montreal, 1-13 July 2012

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