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Professor Mahesan Niranjan

Photograph of Prof Mahesan Niranjan
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Professor Mahesan Niranjan

ECS, Faculty of Physical Sciences and Engineering
University of Southampton
Southampton, United Kingdom. SO17 1BJ

Position: Deputy Head of ECS - Resources
Position: Academic staff in Vision, Learning and Control
Extension: 23021
Telephone: Work (Voice): +44 (0)23 8059 3021
Email: mn at ecs dot soton dot ac dot uk
Homepage: http://www.ecs.soton.ac.uk/people/mn
URI: http://id.ecs.soton.ac.uk/person/11234 [browse]

Additional Contact Details

oh seven eight oh three hundred nine six five four


I joined the University of Southampton in February 2008 as a professor in the School of Electronics and Computer Science and served as Head of the Information: Signals, Images and Systems (ISIS) research group. This is the only research group I know of which has a colon (':') in its name, which must be something special, but I could never figure out what it was.

The group has now been absorbed into the Communications, Signal Processing and Control research group, of which I am a harmless member.

Prior to joining Southampton, I have worked for the University of Cambridge as a Lecturer in Information Engineering (1990-1998), and the University of Sheffield as Professor of Computer Science (1999-2007). At Sheffield I also served as Head of Computer Science (Feb 2002 - Aug 2004) and Dean of Engineering (Aug 2006 - Jan 2008). I have fun memories from these periods of what now feels like 'extended maternity leave': Presentation to senior management, self-evaluation, and presentation to Faculty Board of Engineering.

Here are slides of an introduction at Friday lunch staff meeting, and a talk about league tables.

Here is a recent one about the stochastic nature of winning research grants.

Here is a recent talk to the ISIS PostGrad Conference on "Why I supervise PhD students?"

Here you can find some amateur pieces relating to Sri Lankan politics, of which I am particularly pleased with this poem.


Chair of Staff Student Liaison Committee of the School of Electronics and Computer Science


BSc (Peradeniya, Sri Lanka), MEE (Eindhoven, The Netherlands), PhD (Cambridge, England)

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