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Nik Hakimi Bin Nik Ali

Postgraduate research student


Nik Ali, N.H., Abd Rahman, M.S., Hunter, J.A., Lewin, P.L. and Rapisarda, P. (2015) Wavelet and mathematical morphology as the de-noising methods for PD analysis of high voltage transformer windings At 2015 IEEE Electrical Insulation Conference (EIC), United States. 07 - 10 Jun 2015. , pp. 214-217.

Nik Ali, N H, Goldsmith, W, Hunter, J A, Lewin, P L and Rapisarda, P (2015) Comparison of Clustering Techniques of Multiple Partial Discharge Sources in High Voltage Transformer Windings At 2015 IEEE 11th International Conference on the Properties and Applications of Dielectric Materials, Australia. 19 - 22 Jul 2015. 4 pp.

Nik Ali, N.H., Hunter, J.A., Rapisarda, P. and Lewin, P.L. (2014) Identification of multiple partial discharge sources in high voltage transformer windings At 2014 IEEE Conference on Electrical Insulation and Dielectric Phenomena, United States. 19 - 22 Oct 2014. , pp. 188-191.

Nik Ali, N.H., Giannakou, M., Nimmo, R.D., Lewin, P.L. and Rapisarda, P. (2016) Classification and localisation of multiple partial discharge sources within a high voltage transformer winding At 2016 IEEE Electrical Insulation Conference, Canada. 19 - 22 Jun 2016. 4 pp, pp. 519-522. (doi:10.1109/EIC.2016.7548651).

Nik Ali, Nik, Rapisarda, P and Lewin, P L (2016) Separation of Multiple Partial Discharge Sources Within a High Voltage Transformer Winding using Time Frequency Sparsity Roughness Mapping At CMD 2016 International Conference on Condition Monitoring and Diagnosis 2016, China. 25 - 28 Sep 2016. 4 pp, pp. 225-228.


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