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Sam J Fishlock

Postgraduate research student

I'm a PhD student on the Singapore A-Star research attachment programme, spending two years in the University of Southampton and two years in the Institute of Materials Research Engineering (IMRE), Singapore. 


Research interests

My research is on the use of PECVD nanocrystalline graphite thin films for MEMS and NEMS. We are studying this for thin-film resonators and membranes for gas separation/filtration.



BEng Mechanical Engineering


Fishlock, Sam J., Pu, Suan-Hui, Hamid, Zainidi Haji Abdul, Schmidt, Marek E., Xu, Cigang, Cooke, Mike, McBride, John W. and Chong, Harold M.H. (2013) Mechanical characterisation of nanocrystalline graphite At 39th International Conference on Micro and Nano Engineering, United Kingdom. 16 - 19 Sep 2013.

Fishlock, Sam J., McBride, John W., Chong, Harold M.H. and Pu, Suan-Hui (2014) Fabrication and characterisation of nanocrystalline graphite micromechanical structures At Micro and Nano Engineering, Switzerland. 22 - 26 Sep 2014.

Fishlock, Sam, McBride, J. W., Chong, H. M. H., O'Shea, S. J. and Pu, Suan-Hui (2015) Characterisation of nanographite for MEMS resonators At 2015 MRS Fall Meeting, United States. 29 Nov - 04 Dec 2015.

Fishlock, Sam, Grech, David, Mcbride, John, Chong, Harold and Pu, Suan-Hui (2016) Mechanical characterisation of nanocrystalline graphite using micromechanical structures [in special issue: Micro/Nano Devices and Systems 2015] Microelectronic Engineering, 159, pp. 184-189. (doi:10.1016/j.mee.2016.03.040).


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