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Blount, Tom, Millard, David and Weal, Mark J. (2015) An investigation into the use of logical and rhetorical tactics within eristic argumentation on the social web At 26th ACM Conference on Hypertext and Social Media (HT2015), Cyprus. 01 - 04 Sep 2015. 5 pp. (doi:10.1145/2700171.2791052).

Blount, Tom, Scott, Jonathan and Millard, David (2016) Yarncraft: location aware narratives in virtual space At Narrative and Hypertext 2016, Canada. 10 - 13 Jul 2016. 4 pp.

Blount, Tom, Millard, David and Weal, Mark (2016) An ontology for argumentation on the social web: rhetorical extensions to the AIF At International Conference on Computational Models of Argument, Germany. 12 - 16 Sep 2016. 8 pp.

Rimington, Elzabi and Blount, Tom (2016) Lore v. representation: narrative communication of power with regard to gender in League of Legends Hypertext 2016 Extended Proceedings, 1628, pp. 1-5.


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