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Tim Davies

Postgraduate research student


Kuk, George and Davies, Tim (2011) The Roles of Agency and Artifacts in Assembling Open Data Complementarities. In, ICIS 2011, Shanghai, 04 - 07 Dec 2011.

Davies, Timothy G, Bhullar, Sangeet and Dowty, Terri (2011) Rethinking responses to children and young people’s online lives. In, EU Kids Online 2 - Final Conference, LSE, London, 23 - 22 Sep 2011.

Davies, Tim G and Bawa, Zainab Ashraf (2012) The promises and perils of open government data. [in special issue: Community Informatics and Open Government Data] Journal of Community Informatics, 8, (2)

Hall, Wendy, Shadbolt, Nigel, Tiropanis, Thanassis, O'Hara, Kieron and Davies, Tim . (2012) Open data and charities. Oxford, GB, Nominet Trust, 87pp. (Nominet Trust State of the Art Reviews).

Davies, Timothy G. and Edwards, Duncan (2012) Emerging implications of open and linked data for knowledge sharing in development. [in special issue: New Roles for Communication in Development] The IDS Bulletin, 43, (5), 117-127. (doi:10.1111/j.1759-5436.2012.00372.x).

Davies, Tim, Commonwealth Secretariat (2012) How might open data contribute to good governance? In, Commonwealth Governance Handbook 2012/13: Democracy, Development and Public Administration. , Nexus Strategic Partnerships for the Commonwealth Secretariat.

Meggiolaro, Laura, Pallas, Sabine, Davies, Timothy G. and Treakle, Jordan (2013) Connecting people, sharing knowledge, increasing transparency: using the Land Portal to increase access to open data, share best practices and monitor women’s land rights. In, Annual World Bank Conferance on Land and Poverty, 08 Apr 2013. Washington, US,

Davies, Timothy G. (2012) Who is doing what when it comes to technology for transparency, accountability and anti-corruption. In, Finlay, Alan (eds.) Global Information Society Watch 2012: The Internet and Corruption - Transparency and Accountability Online. Melville, ZA, Association for Progressive Communications, 43-48.

Davies, Timothy G. and Frank, Mark (2013) ‘There’s no such thing as raw data’. Exploring the sociotechnical life of a government dataset. In, Web Science 2013, Paris, FR, 02 - 04 May 2013.

Davies, Timothy G. (2013) Transparency and open data. In, Burall, Simon and Hughes, Tim (eds.) Mapping the new terrain: public dialogue on science and technology. , ScienceWise, 19-23.


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