The University of Southampton

BAE Systems Applied Intelligence

Some problems require really special solutions. More and more our clients are finding that conventional IT systems just can’t cope with the speed and quantity of information they need.

That’s why they need specialist electronic solutions.

BAE Systems Applied Intelligence designs, builds and installs world leading security technologies. We solve our clients’ business and operational problems by producing bespoke hardware and software in the niche areas of the market where “standard” technologies just aren’t up to it. Fastest, smallest, most rugged, most secure - superlatives are what we deliver.

Our capabilities include:

•Network monitoring systems including real-time data analysis of data on the world’s fastest networks

•Secure network gateways

•High Performance Computing on highly-parallel architectures (GPU, Tilera, Octeon)

•Analogue and digital radio receivers

•Custom embedded radio systems

•Digital signal processing (using DSPs and FPGAs)

•Low-level, high-assurance development on desktop and mobile operating systems

•Cyber security, including specialist reverse engineering, vulnerability research, digital forensics and cryptography.

We are looking for top-flight graduates to join us as technical consultants specialising in electronic and software engineering. We are looking for people who can meet with clients to understand their problems, design novel approaches and systems to solve them.

As a software engineer, you could be working on low-level operating systems, software defined radio, working in the depths of IP traffic or securing a chief-exec’s business critical data. We deliver complete end-to-end capabilities that will stretch your system-level understanding.

As an electronic engineer, you could be implementing complex signal-processing algorithms in VHDL, designing switch mode power supplies, working on low power embedded systems or developing ruggedised devices for challenging environments.

Whatever you do, you’ll have early responsibility on real projects, for real clients, solving real-world problems.

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