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Brandwatch is loved by its employees, and by its clients.
We are a group of people around the world working together to create something amazing – doing something no-one has done before, and in a way no-one has thought of.

**What is Brandwatch?**

Brandwatch is the best-of-breed provider of social intelligence to the biggest brands and most admired agencies worldwide.

In a world of increasing marketing technology complexity, Brandwatch’s growing partner ecosystem plays a strategically vital role for its clients – providing easy and ready connections between Brandwatch’s social data and insights to other client platforms in tailored marketing stack.
BUT Brandwatch is much more than just a social technology company. It’s also home to over 300 people, from over 30 different nations, each nestled in one of six culturally diverse cities across the globe. What binds us is our passion and our ambition to build amazing products.

Brandwatch IS:


A lens of transparency permeates everything we do. We share revenue figures monthly and incorporate a businesswide approach of honesty with each other and our customers.


We attract the right kind of thing. Seriously good stuff happens here, and it captivates the minds of brilliant people, passionate admirers and inspiring companies around the world.


Yes, we work with data, but we place a high value on creativity. Our large inhouse design team inspire original, inventive thought across the company in all that we do.


We share a common goal – we want to do something amazing. We’re always striving for better, for more. We know what we can achieve, and we collectively want to make it happen faster and better than anyone else.

**Brandwatch Engineering** 

The Brandwatch engineering team is going through a pretty fast evolution. In 2014 alone we nearly doubled in size and reached the milestone of 100 Engineers. In an industry where needs and solutions evolve faster than ever, we felt the need for a clearer sense of purpose, a direction for what we are trying to achieve and how we will contribute to the success of our company. 

And so… our mission was born:

*To build a real data platform and an ecosystem of intelligent products, with worldclass engineering.*
With worldclass execution: quick iterations of high quality work from our development teams which already span three countries. These teams will continue to grow and multiply, as with our recent acquisition of Peer Index.