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Cambridge Network

Cambridge Network works with innovative Companies within the Scientific Research and Development capital of the UK. Cambridge has the highest innovation rate of any city in the UK and the area has been awarded two European ‘Labels of Excellence’ for innovation and support for hi-tech start-ups. Cambridge is a region committed to hiring the best graduates and Cambridge Network’s Recruitment Gateway brings together Companies large and small offering the best graduate opportunities as well as post PHD positions. These Companies not only offer excellent benefits but also the chance to work alongside some of the UK's most successful entrepreneurs in internet, software, technology and bio-technology.

From start-ups to billion dollar companies, Cambridgeshire has a rich, diverse and resilient economy focused on innovation with hundreds of opportunities for your students.

There are many current roles on the website from placement opportunities and internships to full graduate programmes – all from thriving Cambridge companies. Visit Cambridge Network for more details.  Cambridge – the place to be.