The University of Southampton


Well established, CyberScience produces a World leading Business Intelligence solution.

This is a highly competitive field. Clever ideas and smart working practices help maintain our leading edge.

Working in an informal, but well managed environment, you will have the opportunity to design, implement and tune high level languages, compilers, networking software, database connections and the user experience so that our flagship product, Cyberquery, is the product of choice for Business Intelligence.


You will join a team building compelling software products that customers enjoy using, in an attractive working environment where design and development skills and job satisfaction are taken seriously. This provides a rewarding experience for able software developers.

Working with a team of highly talented and committed software developers, you will quickly have the responsibility to make visible and valuable contributions to our products. We keep management and bureaucracy to a minimum and provide early responsibility to make your work rewarding. You have the opportunity to be involved with all aspects of software development, and you may gravitate towards those aspects that you enjoy and are good at.

Required skills

• A real interest in software technology
• A proven ability in problem solving
• The ability to quickly identify and implement first rate solutions
• Solid coding and debugging experience

Required educational qualifications

• Good Maths and Science A-levels (’A’s and ’B’s)
• A 1st or 2.1 in Maths, Computer Science or a related subject.

What the job offers

• On-the-job training
• Flexible working hours
• Real responsibility from day one
• A mentor and manager to help you reach your goals
• An excellent salary
• Opportunities for travel
• An excellent working environment with like minded people
• As much computer hardware and software as you need

Package: Graduates and postgraduates start at £32,000, which includes an initial one-off payment of £3,000. By the end of your second year, you should be earning a package of £35,000 to £45,000.