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National Grid

National Grid is the largest utility in the UK and the second largest utility in the US. We play a vital role in delivering gas and electricity to many millions of people across Great Britain and the Northeast US in an efficient, reliable and safe manner. This is the business with enough electricity wires and gas pipes to travel around the world’s Equator over 65 times!

We're committed to safeguarding the environment for future generations and providing all its customers with the highest standards of service through an ongoing investment in its systems and through its talented and diverse workforce.

A job with National Grid

Where else can you work on projects that affect so many millions of people? Or help to define the energy infrastructure of Britain? What other company gives you the chance to get to grips with the operations of a big business? And still build specialist skills? And who else consistently invests so much money and resource into graduate development?

Company Culture

We take our responsibilities as a business, as an employer and as a member of the community very seriously. From the way we treat our employees and serve the public to our impact on the environment and our work with local communities, we set ourselves very high standards. And you can see the results for yourself. While we have received national and international recognition, it’s not the awards that drive us; it’s the results.


We run a range of development programmes aimed at students, graduates, advanced apprentices and foundation engineers. We also have positions available for experienced hires and direct entrants. Wherever and however you join us, this is the business where you will get the support and training you need to ensure your career is a journey, rather than a destination.


Training varies depending on the scheme you join. However, every programme is grounded on relevant, substantial placements; and from the day you join, you are involved in real work with experienced people. There is widespread support, from your placement line manager, HR, mentor and buddy. While the placement line manager is there to make sure you get the most out of your placement, your mentor will work with you on your development and your buddy (a graduate) will give you general support and advice.

Career Development

Whichever area suits you, our Programmes offer you a great platform for your career; and through structured development, our NewNet support structure and genuine help and advice from your colleagues, you will be in a great position to make the very most of your talent.

Application process

  • Online application
  • Telephone interview (Graduates only)
  • Assessment Centre

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