The University of Southampton


We’re passionate about technology and about doing software development right. We offer interesting and challenging internships in a friendly, collaborative environment where you’ll be working on real code, as part of our development teams working on real products.

You may be working on one project for your entire time here, or may contribute to several smaller projects.  We’ll also talk to you before you start to find out what you enjoy and try to match you with the right project for your time with us.

Our summer internships usually last for between 10 and 12 weeks, running through the summer.  We’ll pay you for the time you’re with us, and you will get some paid holiday to take a week or so off in the middle, too.

We’re looking for enthusiastic people from a range of backgrounds to join our team for the summer. Many of our past interns have come back in subsequent years as interns, and then come to join us full-time when their course is finished.  An internship is just the start of your relationship with OpenMarket!