The University of Southampton

Carly Wilson MEng Computer Science, 2011

Visual Analytic Consultant at Accenture

“My time at the University of Southampton was the best four years of my life and I would recommend it to anyone. I worked hard, played hard and had lots of fun in the process!

I was asked to use my computer science skills to develop a system for Taekwondo instructors to enter pupils into events

Friendly, collaborative environment

“There is a great campus with lots of facilities on site and my Computer Science course was excellent with a good balance between the practical and theory elements. The facilities in ECS are world class and there is always support when you need it. I really enjoyed working in the friendly, collaborative environment and the problem solving and logistical skills which we learned have underpinned so much of what I have gone on to achieve.

 “Working with people who share a common interest and who are all really passionate about Computer Science allowed me to get really involved and make lifelong friends. I joined the ECS Society as sports rep and learned so much from communicating and networking with fellow students.

Dissertation project 

“Outside of university I was really pleased to represent the England team at Taekwondo. I was also asked to use my computer science skills to develop a system that could be used by instructors for entering pupils into events. Although I was keen to do it, I initially thought this would be impossible to fit in to my schedule. However I was delighted to find out that the University would allow me to do the project for my dissertation. I then designed a web interface that uses all the pupils’ weight and height data to suggest a suitable competition category and identify the events they can take part in. Studying at Southampton definitely equipped me with the skills needed and the space to complete this project as part of my degree.

 “During my degree there were lots of opportunities to explore potential careers. The ECS Careers Hub provided me with sector specific information and I was able to study teaching and management modules which taught me invaluable skills that have supported me in my early career.

Sound technical knowledge 

“My current role is Visual Analytics Consultant for Accenture. Within my team we work on behalf of businesses to break down and analyse many different forms of data from varying sources to help them solve problems and improve their services. The sound technical knowledge my degree provided me with has given me an advantage in learning to handle new equipment while my coding, web development, problem solving and logical thinking skills have been an important asset too.

 “Moving to Accenture has been a real highlight and has allowed me to move into ‘Digital Analytics’, which as a newer industry sector has so many possible exciting options for the future. I was really proud to win the ‘People Developer of the year award’ for helping to develop Accenture’s Digital Analytics standards and procedures and to train other people moving into this new line of technology.

Take advantage of networking and careers opportunities 

“It’s so important to get the balance right between ambition and success, while being happy and enjoying your work. I hope to be successful, but it is important to me that I enjoy everything I’m doing too, so I’m pleased to have a job that means I can combine working in a technological environment with being part of a great team. Hopefully I will continue to build on my existing skills while progressing my career.

 “I would advise any current students at Southampton to get some experience in industry or do some voluntary work to help prepare for the workplace, as it’s a steep learning curve once you get there! Employers are looking for enthusiastic team players who use their own initiative to think creatively, so make sure you take advantage of all the networking and careers opportunities on offer while you’re at University - the contacts you make at ECS can really help you progress your career further down the line!”