The University of Southampton

Chen Gong BEng Electronic Engineering 2013

PhD in Electronic Engineering and Ship Science

I have been working as a Control & Test Engineer at Cambridge Mechatronics Ltd for just over a year, my job is heavily based on developing cutting edge novel technology using smart metal as actuation systems and I am now a key member of the new product development team. 

Work hard, stay motivated and get to know the people you study and hang out with. Turn up to lectures and workshops, do not be afraid to ask questions.

I am currently working on several projects at once, which is both challenging and stimulating. I enjoy facing new challenges and learning new skills each day. 

My advice to current students is to be open minded about the job you are applying for, it’s not always about the skills/knowledge you currently have. Develop transferable skills, such as critical thinking, organisation.

Take time to look for a job that you think you will enjoy, the pay should be secondary. You could always earn more money later on in life, but the prime time to learn and develop will never come back.

My Southampton Highlights

I enjoyed the control modules during my undergraduate degree and wanted to study more on related areas. The time and resources a PhD provided appealed to me as the best option for me to further my understanding in control theory.

I worked in state-of-the-art laboratories and developed cutting edge technology for Olympic athletes.  I attended international conferences which allowed me travel to new places in the world and experienced new cultures.

I was based on the Boldrewood campus, which was built a year into my PhD, therefore all the facilities were brand new and had lots of room for improvisation.

Living and studying in Southampton?

I have lived in Southampton for over 16 years, to me it is home and I understand it well. Southampton is just the right size and houses the right amount of people to be ‘full of live’ but not so much so, that it should distract students from their studies. Southampton is a convenient city, there are shops to meet all manners of needs. At the same time, it also has history and there are plenty of green spaces. Being close to London means weekend trips are possible.