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Award-Winning Presentation by a PhD Student from the Tony Davies High Voltage Laboratory at the 16th Universities High Voltage Colloquium UHVnet

Published: 31 May 2024

Joanna Rzempoluch, a PhD student at the Tony Davies High Voltage Laboratory, University of Southampton, received the Best Presentation Award at the 16th Universities High Voltage Colloquium (UHVnet).

Under the supervision of under the supervision of Dr George Callender, Prof.  Paul Lewin, Prof. Justin Dix, and Dr. Sunny Chaudhary, the award-winning presentation focused on the Synthetic Cable for the Assessment of Marine Power Impacts (SCAMPI), an innovative experimental device designed to replicate electromagnetic fields (EMFs) produced by submarine cables for marine biology experiments.

The UHVnet event, held from May 9th to 10th, 2024, at the University of Exeter, gathered researchers from various UK universities and industry leaders in High Voltage Engineering. UHVnet, established in 2004, includes universities such as the University of Southampton, Staffordshire University, Cardiff University, Glasgow Caledonian University, Leicester University, Liverpool University, the University of Manchester, and the University of Strathclyde. Its mission is to advance high voltage research in the UK.

UHVnet aims to raise awareness of the research capabilities of its members to the UK high-voltage industry, including manufacturers and electricity supply companies. This annual colloquium serves as a vital platform for industry and academic leaders in High Voltage Engineering and provides an opportunity for PhD students and researchers to present their work to the community.

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