The University of Southampton

Izabela Romanowska

Postgraduate research student


Romanowska, Izabela (2012) Playing hide and seek with the European Lower Palaeolithic. A critical re-evaluation of the spatial distribution of sites in Central and Eastern Europe. University of Southampton, Faculty of Humanities, Masters Thesis, 126pp.

Romanowska, Iza, Gamble, Clive, Bullock, Seth and Sturt, Fraser (2016) Dispersal and the Movius Line: testing the effect of dispersal on population density through simulation. Quaternary International, 1-11. (doi:10.1016/j.quaint.2016.01.016).

Romanowska, Izabela, Anna (2017) Modelling hominin dispersals with agent-based modelling. University of Southampton, Doctoral Thesis, 406pp.


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