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Richard C Gomer

Postgraduate research student

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I'm a PhD student in the Web Science DTC.  I've a BSc in Computer Science from Southampton and an MSc in Web Science.

My PhD work focuses on the role of values in system design - particuarly around online privacy and consent, and personal wellbeing. 

I'm currently working on the Meaningful Consent in the Digital Economy project, led by Prof mc schraefel.




BSc Computer Science

MSc Web Science


I'm a senior partner with Xebre, a digital consultancy that applies Web Science to the challenges faced by SMEs and the third sector.

Professional activities

I'm a director of Kolola Limited, a company that provides online impact assessment solutions to academia, the third sector and businesses.

Conferences attended

Intelligent User Interfaces 2012 (Lisbon)

Dyrøyseminaret 2012 (Dyroy, Norway)

Digital Futures 2012 (Aberdeen)

CHI 2013 (Paris)

Web Science 2013 (Paris)

DE2013 (Salford)

Web Intelligence 2013 (Atlanta)


Gomer, Richard Charles, Mendes Rodrigues, Eduarda, Milic-Frayling, Natasa and schraefel, m.c. (2013) Network analysis of third party tracking: user exposure to tracking cookies through search. At IEEE/WIC/ACM International Conference on Web Intelligence and Intelligent Agent Technology WI-IAT 13 IEEE/WIC/ACM International Conference on Web Intelligence and Intelligent Agent Technology WI-IAT 13, United States. 17 - 20 Nov 2013. 8 pp.

Gomer, Richard Charles, Milic-Frayling, Natasa and schraefel, m.c. (2014) The Grey Web: dataveillance vision fulfilled through the evolving Web Southampton, GB. University of Southampton 10pp. ,

Gomer, Richard Charles, schraefel, m.c. and Gerding, Enrico (2014) Consenting agents: semi-autonomous interactions for ubiquitous consent. At Workshop, UbiComp'14: How Do You Solve a Problem like Consent? Workshop, UbiComp'14: How Do You Solve a Problem like Consent?, United States. 13 - 17 Sep 2014. pp. 653-658.

Gomer, Richard C. and schraefel, m.c. (2016) Consentful surveillance: supporting user understanding and control. Everyday Surveillance Workshop, CHI 2016, United States. 08 May 2016.

Marreiros, Helia, Gomer, Richard, Vlassopoulos, Michael, Tonin, Mirco and schraefel, mc (2015) Scared or naïve? An exploratory study on users perceptions of online privacy disclosures. IADIS International Journal on WWW/Internet, 13 (2), 1-16.

Baarslag, Tim, Alper, Alan, Gomer, Richard, Alam, Muddasser, Charith, Perera, Gerding, Enrico and schraefel, m.c. (2017) An automated negotiation agent for permission management. In AAMAS 2017: Proceedings of the 16th Conference on Autonomous Agents and MultiAgent Systems. ACM. 0 pp, pp. 380-390.

Gomer, Richard, Charles, Schraefel, Monica, Gerding, Enrico, Alan, Alper and Filipczuk, Dorota (2017) Building a consentful economy Southampton. University of Southampton ,



Additional contact details


Twitter: @richardgomer

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