The University of Southampton

Ilaria Sanzari

Postgraduate research student


I have loved science being curious about nature since I was a little girl. From my elementary school, I was looking for the best way to be educated with the dream to become an excellent researcher. My hope is growing true in getting my Ph.D. in Tissue Engineering at the University of Southampton. What I have learned so far is that researchers are like missionaries that work not for personal satisfaction but to help people. The research comes from a need, not from a challenge! People are asking researchers to invent or design new things that they need such as new treatments for cancer. Boost research and talk about it in the society means to show people the significant progress that researchers are doing every day in every field such as science, humanity, and psychology.  In the last year of my Ph.D. I am organizing Bioengineering Seminars at the University of Southampton to show to people that there is a new branch of research that is multidisciplinary and required the contribution of much expertise. Thanks to this opportunity in collaboration with Dr. Dario Carugo and Mr. Antonio De Grazia I have a chance to invite a lot of professors and students from each part of the world to let them engaging an extensive range of audiences.


Research interests

Micro- and nanosystems, Micro- and nanofabrication, Tissue engineering



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