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Mary Brooks MEng Electronic Engineering, third year

"I decided to study at the University of Southampton for lots of reasons; the university has world class ranking for Electronic and Electrical engineering, the facilities available to students of all years are phenomenal and there is a wide range of optional modules in the third and fourth year, so it made my choice easy!

The workload of my course is challenging but rewarding. We covered so much material in the first year - I am amazed when I look back and reflect on how much I have accomplished!

Perfect balance

"I think a real strength of my course is the balance between theoretical knowledge and practical lab work. In my first year there were lots of opportunities to build up my lab skills and I was really supported to learn new areas in which I had no previous experience. I found that this really affirmed my A level knowledge but challenged me to learn completely new material too. Another real strength is the wide range of modules in the third and fourth year which allows you to work on both established and emerging fields of research.

"The learning environment is modern, light and spacious making it easy to work on both individual projects and in a group. The equipment in the labs is all cutting edge and there is plenty of room to do large-scale practical work. The computer labs are very relaxed and friendly; in my first year they were a good place to get to know each other and I found the communal screens for sharing information and practising presentations really useful when collaborating on coursework. You can also get support from second year students who are often happy to help!

Challenging workload

"The workload of my course is challenging but rewarding. We covered so much material in the first year - I am amazed when I look back and reflect on how much I have accomplished! The practical work really helps strengthen your theoretical knowledge. So far, I have particularly enjoyed semiconductor physics which I studied in the first year. I had never studied this before and understanding how devices work on an electron level is fascinating. I am particularly looking forward to my third year, where I will hopefully be working on a biosensors project on a nanometre scale for my individual project. This is an emerging field and may even result in the early detection of some cancers.

Valuable skills

"There are tons of opportunities to get involved and learn some really valuable skills at Southampton. I have had summer internships with Cirrus Logic which I gained through the UKESF scholarship scheme and with Ericsson Television. I have also been involved in student outreach events and I am working as a Senior Mentor at the University Taster Course.

"I would really recommend Southampton as a place to study because it has a great balance between academic study and social life. The practical work I have done here has really set me up for working in the real world and employers love Southampton graduates because of their practical skills. The student societies are fantastic - you can choose something that supports your academic studies or something just for fun!"

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