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Weronika Natalia Nowicka

Postgraduate research student

I am a native of Zielona Gora, Poland and between 2008 and 2014 I was an undergraduate student in the University of Zielona Gora, studying for the undergraduate degrees in Biomedical Engineering and Automatic Control and Robotics. I was awarded the BSc degree for each of these two subjects with the ‘very good’ grade, which is the equivalent of a 1st class honours degree in the UK.  I was awarded the master degree in Automatic Control and Robotics in 2015 with an ‘outstanding’ final grade – the grade that is awarded rarely to a student with exceptional results and the University prize for an outstanding thesis. After finishing my master degree I decided that I wished to specialize in control systems research and applied to Southampton, where I am currently in my 3rd of PhD research under the supervision of Dr Bing Chu, Professor Eric Rogers and Professor Owen Tutty on iterative learning control for wind turbines. 


Research interests

Control of aerodynamic loads is a crucial issue in keeping wind energy economically competitive with traditional energy sources. One central approach to this problem is by suitably designed control algorithms. In this area, control design has to be combined with computational fluid mechanics of the dynamics and is known as active flow control. In my research I am investigating the use of Iterative Learning Control (ILC) for load control in wind turbines with active flow control devices on rotor blades, such as trailing-edge flaps, microtabs. These devices regulated by iterative learning control laws are used to modify the blade section aerodynamics such that the fluctuations in aerodynamic load due to periodic disturbances on the blades are minimized. Reduction of such load fluctuations will provide a decrease in fatigue and extreme loads on the components. This, in turn, will reduce maintenance, improve system reliability and produce an increase in component lifespan.



  • Bachelor degree in Automatic Control and Robotics
  • Bachelor degree in Biomedical Engineering
  • Master degree in Automatic Control and Robotics

Conferences attended

  • Polish Control Conference '14 (Wroclaw, Poland)
  • American Control Conferende '16 (Boston, MA) 
  • American Control Conference '17 (Seattle, WA)
  • American Control Conference '18 (Milwaukee, WI)


Hladowski, Lukasz, Chen, Yiyang, Nowicka, Weronika, Galkowski, Krzysztof and Rogers, Eric (2016) Iterative learning control laws with full dynamics. At 2016 American Control Conference (ACC) 2016 American Control Conference (ACC), United States. 06 - 08 Jul 2016. 6 pp. (doi:10.1109/ACC.2016.7526671).

Nowicka, Weronika, Natalia, Chu, Bing, Tutty, Owen and Rogers, Eric (2017) Load reduction in wind turbines with smart rotors using trial varying iterative learning control law. In Proceedings of the American Control Conference.

Nowicka, Weronika, Natalia, Chu, Bing, Tutty, Owen and Rogers, Eric (2018) Wind turbine aerodynamic load fluctuations using model based iterative learning control. In Proceeding of American Control Conference (ACC) 2018. 6 pp. (In Press)


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