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Project Manager Web Science Institute (PETRAS Programme)

I joined the University of Southampton in 2011 initially leading the development of the University’s research equipment database and the collaborative project, UNIQUIP, defining sector standards for research equipment databases. Building on the success of UNIQUIP I led the development of the RCUK (EPSRC) national equipment portal,, using linked open data standards to deliver a national data aggregation and search capability, now hosted by Jisc.

Following these successes I am continuing to explore the use of linked (open) data  and the development of data driven services commoditising data e.g establishing socio-economic value from the secondary and tertiary use of data, and data management system design exploiting the efficiency benefits it can offer to information services, reporting and analytics.


Research interests

Data commoditisation - Establishing socio-economic value from the secondary and tertiary use of (open) data

The challenges of data management in a data driven ecosystem - Embedding a cultural change to deliver added value from data.

Establishing data quality frameworks across diverse sectors.


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