The University of Southampton

Andrew Rawson BA (Hons), FRGS, MIMarEST, AMNI

2018 - Present: Doctoral Researcher at University of Southampton

2011 - 2018: Senior Consultant at Marico Marine


I graduated from the University of Nottingham in 2011 with a First Class Geography degree before completing the RYA’s Yachtmaster Offshore program.

In 2011 I joined Marico Marine as an analyst and senior consultant where I specialised in risk analysis, traffic modelling and navigation risk assessment. I have worked on a multitude of projects for developers, ports and governments as a project manager or lead analyst. Through my work I developed significant expertise in Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and have developed a number of innovative projects which has resulted in numerous peer reviewed publications and conference presentations.

In 2018 I joined the University of Southampton as a doctoral researcher where I am working to develop models of Arctic shipping routes through intelligent big data analytics and machine learning.


Research interests

The Arctic remains one of the most inhospitable places on earth for both man and machine. However, for hundreds of years, sea routes have been sought to reduce the transit time of vessels and therefore achieve an economic advantage. Navigation of these routes pose a unique set of challenges including the presence of ice, extended hours of darkness and inaccessibility for emergency response.

To meet these challenges, my research focuses on applying intelligent big data analytics to promote safe and efficient navigation in the Arctic. Through the application of machine learning and risk analysis, optimised vessel routes will be developed which maximise the safety of navigation whilst minimising fuel consumption. Pre-processing and fusion of a multitude of datasets will be undertaking including data form the Automatic Identification System, satellite ice observations, historical incidents and hydrographic surveys through the use of big data geospatial processing algorithms.

The output of this research will both allow for the optimal planning of Arctic navigation and improve our understanding of how future Arctic shipping routes may change due to the effects of climate change. This research will be conducted in conjunction with the Horizon 2020 SEDNA project.

My supervision team is spread across both Electronics and Computer Science and the Business school and I am guided by Dr Zoheir Sabeur (IT Innovation Centre), Dr Long Tran-Thahn (Agents, Interactions and Complexity) and Dr Mario Brito (Centre for Risk Research).


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