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Dr Banafshe Arbab-Zavar 

I received my PhD in Image Processing from the School of Electronics and Computer Science of the University of Southampton in December 2009. For my thesis, I have developed the first model-based approach to ear biometrics guided by the embryological information of the ear structure. Later on I have worked on: crowd behaviour detection through introduction of novel features inspired by molecular thermodynamics; detection of unusual tsunamigenic events in the Pacific Ocean; predictive models for exacerbation event detection in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) patients; tracking and recognition of human behaviour in industrial workflows; recognizing plant species from the shape and texture of the leaves; and unusualness detection in traffic flow. My research track record, ideas and plan have contributed to three funded projects (eVACUATE (EU FP7-SEC-2012-1), ZONeSEC (EU FP7-SEC-2013.1.6-3) and EO4wildlife (EU H2020-EO-2-2015)).


Research interests

  • Image processing
  • Model-based feature extraction
  • Human and crowd behaviour analysis
  • Biometrics


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