The University of Southampton

Dr Chris Duckworth

Healthcare Research Engineer based in the IT Innovation Centre, as part of the School of Electronics and Computer Science. Previously a PhD student (Astrophysics) at the University of St. Andrews, and, Flatiron Institute (New York), before joining the centre in early 2021. 

I work on data science problems in healthcare, with a focus on developing machine learning models for clinical decision making support. My current research involves investigating the impact of COVID-19 on Emergency Department admissions, and the operation and procedural shift of hospitals.


Duckworth, Christopher, Chmiel, Francis P., Burns, Daniel, Zlatev, Zlatko D., White, Neil M., Daniels, Thomas W. V., Kiuber, Michael and Boniface, Michael J. (2021) Emergency department admissions during COVID-19: explainable machine learning to characterise data drift and detect emergent health risks. medRxiv. (doi:10.1101/2021.05.27.21257713).

Boniface, Michael, Burns, Daniel, Duckworth, Chris, Duruiheoma, Franklin, Armitage, Htwe, Ratcliffe, Naomi, Duffy, John, O’Keeffe, Caroline and Inada-Kim, Matt (2021) COVID Oximetry @home: evaluation of patient outcomes. medRxiv. (doi:10.1101/2021.05.29.21257899).


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