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Mandy Lo

Postgraduate research student

Mandy Lo was an ECS graduate in Electronics and had spent a few years working in industry before returning to unversity for teachers training specialising in Mathematics Education. After spending two years in the teachers training program and working with various schools, she is now pursuing a line of research in Web Science which involves investigating better ways of ultilising internet technologies for improving young people's preception, understanding and application ability of mathematics. 


Conferences attended

Profiting from the New Web, The Royal Society, London. 23 May 2011.

Computer-Based Math Education Summit, London. 10-11 November 2011.

British Society for Research into Learning Mathematics, Oxford. 19 November 2011.

Westminster Education Forum National Curriculum Seminar: Reviewing the Maths Curriculum, London, 21 Feburary 2012

British Society for Research into Learning Mathematics (New Researchers Day), Sussex. 08 June 2012.

British Society for Research into Learning Mathematics, Sussex. 09 June 2012.

Technology and its Integration in Mathematics Education, Estonia. 10-14 July 2012.



Support Assistant in the Student Teaching And Computing Support Team

Vice-Chairman of the IEEE Southampton Student Branch Executive Committee

Review Panel of the IBM/IEEE Smarter Planet Challenge: Changing the world


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