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Dr David Young PhD, MA

My first degree and PhD were at Cambridge. I graduated in Natural Sciences, specialising in physics, in 1975, then carried out geophysical research on earth strain to get my PhD in 1980.

I worked as a research fellow in the Department of Psychology, Edinburgh University, until 1985, in the area of human visual perception and motor control.

From 1985 until 2010 I was a lecturer, then senior lecturer, at Sussex University, working on machine vision and artificial intelligence.

Since 2013 I have been associated with Electronics and Computer Science at Southampton as a research assistant and visitor, working with Kirk Martinez and Jon Hare on a variety of projects involving image analysis, including measuring the flow of a glacial discharge river, finding structure in aerial images using machine learning, and building hardware and software to make 3-D models of cylinder seals from the Ancient Near East.

Trivia: I have been to Southamptonbreen.


Young, David S., Hart, Jane K. and Martinez, Kirk (2015) Image analysis techniques to estimate river discharge using time-lapse cameras in remote locations. Computers & Geosciences, 76, 1-10. (doi:10.1016/j.cageo.2014.11.008).

Martinez, Kirk, Hart, Jane K., Basford, Philip J., Bragg, Graeme, Ward, Tyler and Young, David S. (2017) A geophone wireless sensor network for investigating glacier stick-slip motion. Computers & Geosciences, 105, 103-112. (doi:10.1016/j.cageo.2017.05.005).

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Dahl, Jacob, Hare, Jonathon, Kelley, Kate, Martinez, Kirk and Young, David (2018) A structured light approach to imaging ancient Near Eastern cylinder seals: how efficient 3D imaging may facilitate corpuswide research. In, Kelley, Kaye and Wood, Rachel (eds.) Digital Imaging of Artefacts: Developments in Methods and Aims. (Access Archaeology) Archaeopress / British Archaeological Reports, pp. 49-74.

Hart, Jane K., Martinez, Kirk, Basford, Philip J., Clayton, Alexander I., Robson, Benjamin A. and Young, David S. (2019) Surface melt driven summer diurnal and winter multi-day stick-slip motion and till sedimentology. Nature Communications, 10, [1599]. (doi:10.1038/s41467-019-09547-6).

Hart, Jane K., Martinez, Kirk, Basford, Philip J., Clayton, Alexander, Bragg, Graeme McLachlan, Ward, Tyler and Young, David (2019) Surface melt-driven seasonal behaviour (englacial and subglacial) from a soft-bedded temperate glacier recorded by in situ wireless probes. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, 44 (9), 1769-1782. (doi:10.1002/esp.4611).

Hart, Jane, Young, David and Martinez, Kirk (2016) Seasonal evolution of subglacial drainage pathways within a soft bedded anastomosing system. EGU General Assembly 2016, Vienna, Austria. 17 - 22 Apr 2016.

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