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Daniel Newbrook 

Daniel Newbrook is a Post Doctoral Researcher in the Sustainable Electronic Technologies (SET) research group in the School of Electronics and Computer Science. He studied Electronic Engineering at the University of Southampton, recieving a first class honours degree in 2017. He then studied for his PhD under the supervision of Kees de Groot, working toward a thesis entitled "Characterisation of thin film thermoelectric materials deposited by low pressure chemical vapour deposition". Following his PhD he started a post doctoral research position at the University of Southampton, on an EPSRC IAA project on the development of flexible thermoelectric generators for energy generation from heat pipes.


Research interests

  • Thermoelectric characterisation of thin film materials including Seebeck coefficient, electrical conductivitiy, and thermal conductivity.
  • Development of methods for the measurements of thin film thermal conductivity, using frequency domain techniques.
  • Improving thermoelectric performance by alloying, nanostructuring, and quantum confinement of thin film materials.
  • Thermoelectric generator device optimisation by using simulation, mathematical modelling, and neural networks.
  • Microfabrication of thermoelectric generators


Amin, Aran, Huang, Ruomeng, Newbrook, Daniel, Sethi, Vikesh, Yong, Sheng, Beeby, Stephen and Nandhakumar, Iris S. (2022) Screen-printed bismuth telluride nanostructured composites for flexible thermoelectric applications. Journal of Physics: Energy, 4 (2), [024003]. (doi:10.1088/2515-7655/ac572e).


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