The University of Southampton

Edoardo Manino 

Post-Doctoral Researcher


Research interests

Bayesian Machine Learning

Algorithmic Game Theory

Influence Maximisation on Social Networks


Romero Moreno, Guillermo, Manino, Edoardo, Tran-Thanh, Long and Brede, Markus (2020) Zealotry and influence maximization in the voter model: when to target zealots? Barbosa, Hugo, Gomez-Gardenes, Jesus, Gonçalves, Bruno, Mangioni, Giuseppe, Menezes, Ronaldo and Oliveira, Marcos (eds.) In Complex Networks XI: Proceedings of the 11th Conference on Complex Networks CompleNet 2020. Springer. pp. 107-118 . (doi:10.1007/978-3-030-36687-2_57).


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