The University of Southampton

Dr Elnaz Shafipour Yourdshahi 

 My bachelor degree is in Software Engineering from the Amirkabir University of Technology (Top three universities in technology
in Iran), and my PhD is in Computer Science from Lancaster University. During my PhD, I have been working on ad-hoc teamwork in multi-agent systems. Agents in this system do not have previous knowledge about each other and try to accomplish tasks in an uncertain environment by learning actively. I developed all my research in Python and implemented different Machine Learning Techniques, mostly Reinforcement Learning methods like MCTS, POMCP all from scratch.  I modified these methods to be easily applicable to a larger number of agents.  Before my PhD (between 2002 and 2013), I worked extensively in the industry on software development projects as a team or individual in different prestigious companies and organisations in Iran. I led the development team for three software projects as well as programming in various languages.

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