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Dr George Konstantinidis 

Lecturer in Artificial Intelligence

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Research interests

I study the integration and exchange of data and knowledge within organisations and on the web. That is, ways to bring together, understand and process vast amounts of heterogeneous and distributed data and information, via unifying access and building data warehouses. I also work on developing frameworks for supporting data usage contracts; these are technical specifications that describe intentions and agreements of data usage, privacy policies and user consent. I am also interested in supporting the sharing of private data across Databases, Knowledge Graphs and Blockchains.

I am developing algorithms and systems to address these questions. Tools that help in this direction are database theory and technologies, the semantic web, ontologies, and distributed systems.


Benedikt, Michael and Konstantinidis, Georgios (2017) Benchmarking the Chase. In Proceedings of the 36th ACM SIGMOD-SIGACT-SIGAI symposium on principles of database systems: PODS '17'. ACM.. (doi:10.1145/3034786.3034796).

Konstantinidis, Georgios and Ambite, Jose Luis (2014) Optimizing the chase: Scalable data integration under constraints. 4th International conference on Very Large Data bases, Hangzhou, China. 01 - 05 Sep 2014. 12 pp .

Nikolaou, Charalampos, Kostylev, Egor V., Konstantinidis, Georgios, Kaminski, Mark, Grau, Bernardo Cuenca and Horrocks, Ian (2017) The bag semantics of ontology−based data access. In Proceedings of Twenty−Sixth International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence. International Joint Conferences on Artificial Intelligence. pp. 1224-1230 . (doi:10.24963/ijcai.2017/170).

Nikolaou, Charalampos, Kostylev, Egor V., Konstantinidis, George, Kaminski, Mark, Cuenca Grau, Bernardo and Horrocks, Ian (2019) Foundations of ontology-based data access under bag semantics. Artificial Intelligence, 274, 91-132. (doi:10.1016/j.artint.2019.02.003).

Pareti, Paolo, Konstantinidis, Georgios, Norman, Timothy and Şensoy, Murat (2019) SHACL constraints with inference rules. In SHACL Constraints with Inference Rules. Springer. 17 pp .

Pareti, Paolo, Konstantinidis, Georgios, Norman, Timothy and Şensoy, Murat (2019) Rule applicability on RDF triplestore schemas. IJCAI 2019: Workshop on AI for Internet of Things, Macao, Macao. 12 Aug 2019. 7 pp . (In Press)


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