The University of Southampton

Dr. George Konstantinidis

Academic Staff

I study the integration and exchange of data and knowledge on the web and beyond - that is, ways to bring together, understand and process vast amounts of heterogeneous and distributed data and information. How can we better describe what different web and data sources contain? and how do these sources relate to each other? How can we extract knowledge from the data? And how can we use this knowledge to reason and answer combined questions over many different and independent information sources?

I am interested developing algorithms and systems that help answer these questions, such as systems for integrating databases of merging companies, web repositories and data warehouses. Tools that help towards this goal are database theory and technologies, the semantic web and ontologies.


Research interests

Data Integration, Data Exchange, Databases, Data Management, Artificial Intelligence, Knowledge Representation and Reasoning, The Semantic Web, Description Logics, Ontology Reasoning, Ontology Evolution, Logic, Information Retrieval, Distributed Systems. 


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