The University of Southampton

Juljan Krause MSc, MA, BSc

My Current Roles: 

I’m a final-year PhD Researcher at the School of Electronics & Computer Science at the University of Southampton. My thesis investigates the global (cyber)security challenges of quantum computing and quantum communication networks – I’m studying what a future quantum internet will look like, what it can (and cannot) do, and how it will be secured, e.g. in terms of post-quantum cryptography. 

I’m particularly curious about the global security implications of these systems. Will quantum communication tip the balance of power in China’s favour? Will the quantum internet replace the Internet as we know it? What is the threat level of quantum computing and quantum communication networks that intelligence services should consider? These are the questions that I address in my research. 

My background is in maths, philosophy of science, economics and computer science. I pursue my love for philosophy in various side projects, such as being the Editor-in-Chief of the leading academic online journal Evental Aesthetics, or publishing on the social theory of Theodor W. Adorno. 

A full list of my publications, both on quantum communications and its security implications as well as on social theory, can be found here. 

I have considerable experience in policy analysis, consultancy, teaching and data analytics that I’ve gathered in various roles with the UK Cabinet Office, eBay, the London School of Economics, Deutsche Bank and the Web Science Trust.


Research interests

  • Quantum computing
  • Quantum communication
  • Internet of Things
  • Game Theory 
  • Applied mathematics
  • Security policy 
  • Regulatory policy
  • Internet governance 
  • Philosophy of Science
  • Science and Technology Studies
  • Critical Theory
  • Critical Security Studies


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