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Dr Jennifer Williams 

Dr Jennifer Williams is a postdoctoral Research Fellow on the Citizen-Centric AI Systems project. Her current research explores speech/audio solutions to trustworthy and explainable smart energy management. She completed her PhD at University of Edinburgh (2021) in the area of representation learning and speech signal disentanglement for a variety of speech technology applications (voice conversion, speech synthesis, anti-spoofing, naturalness assessment, and privacy). Before her doctoral work, she was a staff member at MIT Lincoln Laboratory for five years where she developed rapid prototyping solutions for text and speech technology. She is a member of IEEE and ISCA, serves as a committee member of the ISCA-PECRAC group, and co-organizes ISCA SPSC-SIG events. She is a reviewer for multiple conferences involving AI, text, speech, and multimedia. She holds an MScR in Data Science from University of Edinburgh (2018), an MS in Computational Linguistics from Georgetown University (2012) and a BA in Applied Linguistics, magna cum laude, from Portland State University (2009).


Research interests

* Smart cities: low-carbon comfort, energy/resource management (rooms/buildings), energy forecasting and summarization

* Audio analysis: room occupancy detection, person activity detection, audio scene understanding, localization

* Privacy: concealing speaker attributes and spoken content

* Ethics: deepfake detection, human/AI perception of deepfakes, attacker signatures, voice ownership

* Speech synthesis: multilingual / code-switched speech, voice conversion, speech disentanglement

* Voice biometrics: speaker verification

* Edge devices: TinyML on ultra-low power devices and chips


Speech Signal Processing

Machine Learning  / Deep Learning

Natural Language Processing

Ethics and Controversies in Speech / NLP


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