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Dr Leonardo Aniello 

Dr. Leonardo Aniello is a Lecturer at the University of Southampton, where he is also member of the Cyber Security group. He obtained a Ph.D. in Engineering in Computer Science in 2014 from "La Sapienza" University of Rome, with a thesis about techniques for processing Big Data in large-scale collaborative environments, with the aim of improving performance. His research is currently focused on cyber security aspects, including malware analysis, blockchain-based systems, IoT security and privacy-preserving data sharing. Leonardo is author of more than 30 papers about these topics, published on international conferences, workshops, journals and books.


Research interests

Blockchain-based Systems

IoT Security

Malware Analysis


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Aniello, Leonardo, Halak, Basel, Chai, Peter, Dhall, Riddhi, Mihalea, Mircea and Wilczynski, Adrian (2020) Anti-BlUFf: towards counterfeit mitigation in IC supply chains using Blockchain and PUF. International Journal of Information Security. (In Press)

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