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Buratti, E., Chivers, M., Kralovicova, J., Romano, M., Baralle, M., Krainer, A.R. and Vorechovsky, I. (2007) Aberrant 5' splice sites in human disease genes: mutation pattern, nucleotide structure and comparison of computational tools that predict their utilization. Nucleic Acids Research, 35 (13), 4250-4263.

Buratti, Emanuele, Chivers, Martin, Hwang, Gyulin and Vorechovsky, Igor (2011) DBASS3 and DBASS5: databases of aberrant 3'- and 5'-splice sites. Nucleic Acids Research, 39 (Supplement 1), D86-D91. (PMID:20929868)

Wisniowski, Arkadiusz, Chivers, Martin and Whitton, Michael (2013) Integrated Modelling of European Migration Database Case Study University of Southampton 8pp. ,


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