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Mohammad Naiseh BSc, MSc, PhD

Dr Mohammad Naiseh is a Research Fellow in Trustworthy Autonomous Systems at the University of Southampton within the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences.

Dr Naiseh works in the Trustworthy Autonomous Systems Hub (TAS-Hub), supporting and leading work packages in two agile projects: 'Inclusive Autonomous Vehicles', and 'Trustworthy Human-Swarm Partnerships'. Dr Naiseh is interested in how humans engage with autonomous systems and has worked on developing an engineering methodology for helping Explainable AI (XAI) designers to build interfaces with calibrated trust goal in mind.

Dr Naiseh is a mixed-methods researcher.  He runs experiments, leverages statistics and machine learning techniques, and conducts qualitative user research to generate recommendations for technology design. Dr Naiseh is passionate about bridging emerging XAI techniques and user-centered design. Also, Dr Naiseh has a keen interest in studying user trust, which he defines as a crucial requirement of deploying AI-based solutions in real-world problems as it has dynamic nature (over-trust and under-trust). He focuses on the principles, methods and tools needed to engineer trust-aware technology to calibrate trust in such technologies. His current research trajectory is exploring how we can improve public understanding of underlying ML algorithms through explainablity, transparency, education and user-centred design.

Dr Naiseh received his PhD from the Department of Computing and Informatics group at Bournemouth University. The PhD titled "A Design Method for Explainable AI Interfaces to enhance trust calibration" to guide designers and developers in enhancing trust calibration through XAI interface design.


Research interests

  • Human-AI teaming
  • Explainable AI


Naiseh, Mohammad, Clark, Jediah, Divband Soorati, Mohammad and Bossens, David , Sylvaine Tuncer (2021) Trusting machines? Cross-sector lessons from healthcare & security: conference report Southampton. University of Southampton 20pp. (doi:10.5258/SOTON/P0134).

Naiseh, Mohammad, Cemiloglu, Deniz, Al-Thani, Dena, Jiang, Nan and Ali, Raian (2021) Explainable Recommendations and Calibrated Trust: Two Systematic User Errors. Computer. (In Press)


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