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Michail Pligouroudis 

PhD Researcher - Electronics Engineer

Electronics engineer - entrepreneur with multiple honorary awards for academic excellence. Inventor of a patent and candidate for a second one. Former owner/director of an electronics consultancy company. Experienced in R&D management and Analog/Digital electronics designing (specialty FPGAs) in scientific and industrial applications. Trained in DAQ systems from CERN, and in IP protection strategies from the Industrial Property Organization.


Research interests

  • Hardware accelerated algorithms on multicore FPGA platforms.
  • Efficient Sparse Matrix Vector Multiplication formatting.
  • Switched Capacitor Integrators.
  • Low cost PCB fabrication methods through polarised light.


  • Creation of a Printed Circuit Board through polarised light (ID: 1007856)
  • Liquid flow sensoring apparatus (under construction)


  • M. Pligouroudis, R. Gutierrez Nuno, A. Brown, T. Kazmierski, “Modified Compressed Sparse Row Format for accelerated FPGA-based sparse matrix multiplication” (Under construction)
  • M. Pligouroudis, A. Khiat, A. Serb, T. Prodromakis, “Reconfigurable memristor-based Gain Instrumentation Amplifier,” International Conference on Memristive Materials, Devices & Systems (MEMRISYS 2017) , Athens Greece
  • M. Pligouroudis, K. Papadimitriou, D. Evans, T. Prodromakis, “A dual Switched-Capacitor integrator architecture for versatile, real-time amperometric biosensing”, ISCAS 2017 International Conference

  • P. Zumbruch, M. Traxler, M. Pligouroudis, “The credit-card sized, general purpose controls platform: HadCon2”, GSI Scientific report, Darmstadt, 2013

  • M. Pligouroudis, “One-Wired multichannel ADC”, White Paper, Darmstadt, 2013

  • M. Pligouroudis, M. Traxler, “Remote waveform generator & digital random generator “, White Paper, Darmstadt, 2013


  •  Mentor of the MSc programmes: "System on Chip",  "Microelectronic System Design" 
  •  Laboratory Demonstrator


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