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Nicholas Bennett 

Personal homepage

I studied BSc Archaeology at UoS from 2011-2014. I then studied MSc Web Science from 2014-2015, during which time I won a full scholarship from Ordnance Survey to continue to PhD. My PhD focuses on understanding narratives within space. I take a thematic approach to topics of conversation within spaces, such as real-time economic indicators, and match these against established metrics to create novel ways of extracting and validating new methods of data collection. 


Research interests

Narratives, social media, metadata, mapping.


Bennett, Nicholas, Millard, David and Martin, David (2016) Narrative extraction through the detection and characterisation of national and local events. In Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Location Based Services. Vienna University of Technology. pp. 196-200 .

Bennett, Nicholas, Millard, David and Martin, David (2018) Assessing Twitter geocoding resolution. In WebSci ’18, May 27–30, 2018, Amsterdam, Netherlands. ACM. 5 pp . (In Press)

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