The University of Southampton

Nic Fair PhD

Knowledge Engineer - IT Innovation - School of Electronnics and Computer Science

(previously) Module Lead - 'Living and Working on the Web' and 'Online Social Networks'  

Nic Fair is currently a Knowledge Engineer in the IT-Innovation group at the University of Southampton working on European Commission Horizon 2020 projects. With a PhD in Digital Education and Web Science, he has research interests in Personal Learning Networks and networked learning. He has spent eighteen years teaching in a wide range of educational contexts, including Further and Higher Education and has previously led a range of innovation modules at the University of Southampton.


Research interests

Networked Learning

Personal Learning Networks

Adaptive diagnostics and machine learning


Web Science

Digital Education



Evans, C., Zhu, X., Chiorean, C., Chipulu, M., Fair, N., Ford, N., Gobbi, M., Grange, L., Harding, Ian, Harris, L., Lock, J., Lotti, E., Mashanovich, G., Perisic, V., Pettit, S., Spencer, V., Telford, M. and Thorpe, K. (2018) Supporting student agency and success in higher education and beyond through the development of assessment feedback skills (the ability to self-monitor and self-evaluate) (Office for Students’ Experimental Innovation Report) University of Southampton 70pp.

Boniface, Michael, Fair, Nicholas, Modafferi, Stefano and Papay, Juri (2020) Security Implications of Interoperability. In Proceedings of the Workshops of I-ESA 2020. 5 pp .

Fair, Nicholas, Sebastian Russell and Fair, Nic (2022) Dataset to support the University of Southampton Doctoral Thesis "Understanding the networked student: how Personal Learning Networks are used for learning". University of Southampton doi:10.5258/SOTON/D2190 [Dataset]

Fair, Nicholas (2021) A framework for the analysis of personal learning networks. Bonderup, Nina, Hansen, Jens Jorgen, Hansen, Stig Borsen, Ryberg, Thomas and de Laat, Martin (eds.) In Conceptualising and Innovating Education and Work with Networked Learning. Springer. pp. 211-236 . (doi:10.1007/978-3-030-85241-2_12).

Fair, Nicholas and Modafferi, Stefano (2022) Industry5.0 and sociotechnical theory: theoretical underpinnings. I-ESA 2022: Enterprise Interoperability through connected Digital Twins, Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, Valencia, Spain. 23 - 25 Mar 2022.

Fair, Nicholas (2022) Designing a European Digital Education Hub. 13th International Conference on Networked Learning, University of Mid-Sweden, Sundsvall, Sweden. 16 - 18 May 2022.


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