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Olaf Lipinski

PhD Student at the MINDS CDT


Olaf Lipinski is a PhD student at the MINDS Centre for Doctoral Training of the University of Southampton.

He received the B.Sc. (Hons) in Computer Science from the University of Liverpool in 2020, where his final project was an exploration of Quantum Computing for Cryptographic applications (Feasibility of Quantum Computer with regards to Defeating Cryptographic Hashes). In 2021, he has completed the M.Sc. in AI equivalent during the first year of his iPhD in 2021, where he worked on Emergent Communication (EC) in referential games (Lazy Emergent Communication in a Symmetric Image-based Setting).

Emergent Communication is a method of adding and extending the communicative ability of agents in multiagent systems. In contrast to other fields of multiagent communication, in EC, agents learn both the structure and content of the communication between them. There are usually few constraints imposed on the character sets, vocabularies or protocols.

His current research continues to be in the field of EC, with his focus on the temporality and causality aspects of the emergent languages. His work is motivated by the promise of more general and more efficient multiagent communication protocols, with the additional aspect of investigating an "alien" protolanguage as it develops.


Research interests

Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning, Multi-Agent Systems, Emergent Communication


Lipinski, Olaf, Sobey, Adam, Cerutti, Federico and Norman, Timothy (2022) Emergent password signalling in the game of Werewolf. Emergent Communication Workshop at ICLR 2022. 29 Apr 2022.


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