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I did my undergrad at Southampton. Worked with Les Carr on my final project and ended up as a research assistent after I graduated. I worked for a variety of people including David Millard and Les Carr. I have developed the EdShare plugin suite for EPrints. I am responsible for 4500 (jul 2010)open educational resources and growing across the various EdShare installations which I manage . These resource are spread across,,, and Im also interested in other developments I can add to EPrints including research data management, readinglist managerment and linked data functionality. I have done a number of projects with Hugh Glaser and Ian Millard designing and building tools for creating and curating linked data sets. I worked on the co-reference editor and generic parsing tool for converting high volume xml structures into RDF and other linked data formats. More recently I have started working on havesting news to create Personalised Academic News Feeds.




BSc Computer Science First Class Hons

Conferences attended

Open Repositories 2008

Repository Fringe 2008

Open Repositories 2009

Repository Fringe 2009

Hypertext 2010

Open Repositories 2010

Open Repositories 2011

Web Science 2011


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Millard, David E., Davis, Hugh C., Howard, Yvonne, McSweeney, Patrick, Francois, Sebastien, Morris, Debra, Ramsden, Marcus and White, Su (2010) MePrints: Building User Centred Repositories At 5th International Conference on Open Repositories, Spain. 06 - 09 Jul 2010.

McSweeney, Patrick, Borthwick, Kate, Hargood, Charlie, Millard, David and Howard, Yvonne (2011) The Mechanisms and Impact of Encouraging Community Engagement in Teaching Repositories At Open Repositories 2011.

McSweeney, Patrick, Prince, Rikki, Hargood, Charlie, Millard, David and Carr, Les (2011) Aggregated Erevnametrics: bringing together alt-metrics through Research Objects At Alt Metrics Workshop 2011.

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Field, Adam and McSweeney, Patrick (2014) Micro data repositories: increasing the value of research on the web At Open Repositories 2014, Finland. 09 - 13 Jun 2014.


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