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Simon is Deputy Director of the Software Sustainability Institute. He leads the Institute's policy work and manages its communication strategy. Simon received his Masters degree in laser physics at Heriot-Watt University, and undertook his doctoral studies in Tapered Waveguide Lasers at the University of Southampton. Prior to his current position, he worked in patent law and as a publicity coordinator at OMII-UK.

Simon works with stakeholders from across the research community to develop policies that support research software, the people who develop that software and the researchers who rely on it. He is responsible for editorial oversight of the Institute's online presence, ranging from Twitter to the main site's guides, news articles and blogs. Simon is on the steering committee for the UK community of Research Software Engineers, the SPIRES project and the US-based Catalysers Project.

Before working at the Institute, Simon's research at the Optoelectronics Research Centre focussed on researching new types of compact and efficient lasers for use in a wide range of fields, including spectroscopy, medicine and materials processing.



Certificate, Intellectual Property Law - Queen Mary University

PhD, Tapered Waveguide Lasers - University of Southampton

MPhys, Optoelectronics and laser engineering - Heriot-Watt University


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