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Sami 'Samicat' Kanza

Postgraduate research student

I joined the University of Southampton in 2008 as an undergraduate. I completed my MEng in Computer Science in 2012 and then worked for BAE Systems Applied Intelligence (Formerly known as Detica) for 14 months before returning to the University in 2013 to begin the iPhD in Web Science. My research has always been centered around the Semantic Web, during my undergraduate degree, my third year project looked at Streaming Semantic Data, my fourth year research project looked at the Future and Evolution of the Semantic Web in Applications. Following this, during my MSc my dissertation looked at the Adoption of Semantic Web Technologies in Industry, and my PhD is focused on bringing the modern power of the Web to Chemical Research. 


Research interests

I am interested in anything Semantic Web! I am interested in applying these technologies to specific domains (specifically Chemical Data) and anything surrounding the use of development of these technologies. 



Postgraduate Masters (University of Southampton)
Distinction - MSc Web Science

Undergraduate Degree (University of Southampton)
First Class with Hons - MEng Computer Science

A-Levels (Leighton Park School)
A - ICT, Maths, History 

AS-Levels (Leighton Park School)
B - English Literature

GCSE's (Leighton Park School) 
A* - History, English Literature
A - Maths, English Language
B - ICT, Latin, Physics, Chemistry, French, Religious Studies

Conferences attended

ITaau Conference 2015 -


I have demonstrated for various modules during the three years of my PhD.

First Year Modules 

COMP1202 (Programming 1) - I was a lab demonstrator for this module, I provided help and answered questions about basic Java at each lab session, and marked their work at designated marking sessions. I also helped mark the coursework for this module which was a Hospital Simulator written in Java, and invigilated the exam in a technical support capacity. I also demonstrated for the extra help sessions for this module, helping the students that required additional support in both the lab work and coursework.  

COMP1206 (Programming 2) - I was a lab demonstrator for this module, I provided help and answered questions about advanced Java (Swing, Threads etc) at each lab session, and marked their work at every session. I also helped mark the first set of courseworks for this module, which was a Mandelbrot Set GUI written in Java.

COMP1056 (Web Design) - I was a lab demonstrator for this module, I provided help and answered questions at each lab session about Web technologies including HTML, CSS, Javascript and JQuery, and marked their work at every session. I was also in charge of collating the marks for each session in a spreadsheet and maintaing the records for the labs and calculating the final lab marks for each student. 

COMP1205 (Personal & Professional Development) - I helped out on various pieces of work for this module. I conducted group feedback sessions for students alongside other postgrads for their presentation drafts, and marked and gave feedback for the final presentations with a member of Academic Staff. I also marked both essay drafts and the full essays. 

COMP1216 (Software Modelling and Design) - I was a lab demonstrator for this module, I provided help and answered questions at each lab session with respect to UML and software modelling. 

Second Year Modules

COMP2209 (Programming 3) - I helped mark both sets of functional programming coursework.

COMP2211 (Software Engineering Group Project) - I was a mentor for two sets of second year groups, and saw them through the entire project. This involved weekly meetings, playing the role of both their customer and their mentor, and advising them on how to proceed with their project and how to manage it using Agile and SCRUM. This also involved fortnightly marking meetings, whereby we would 'buddy' with other mentors to collaboratively mark our own and each others groups.

Masters Modules

COMP6217 (The Science of Online Social Networks) - I was a mentor for a set of mixed MSc and MEng students across different programmes in ECS. This involved weekly meetings to provide advice on how to develop the idea of their social networking idea, and advising them in how to present it effectively both through a blog portfolio and a dragons den pitch. This also involved marking their blogs at the end of the module. 

Masters Mentoring

I mentored 2 groups of masters students throughout the entire academic year, I held weekly meetings with them where we discussed any issues they had (personal or university based) and ran sessions for them to look at areas such as: literature organisation and referencing, report writing, exam preparation, coursework questions and took them through our Academic Integrity rules. 


Kanza, Samantha (2017) PhD Dataset. University of Southampton [Dataset]

Kanza, Samantha, Willoughby, Cerys, Gibbins, Nicholas, Whitby, Richard J., Frey, Jeremy, Erjavec, Jana, Zupančič, Klemen, Hren, Matjaž and Kovač, Katarina (2017) Electronic Lab Notebooks: can they replace paper? Journal of Cheminformatics, 9. (doi:10.1186/s13321-017-0221-3).

Kanza, Samantha, Willoughby, Cerys, Whitby, Richard J., Erjavec, Jana, Zupančič, Klemen, Hren, Matjaž and Kovač, Katarina (2017) Dataset for: Electronic Lab Notebooks: Can they replace Paper? University of Southampton doi:10.5258/SOTON/405190 [Dataset]

Kanza, Samantha (2018) What influence would a cloud based semantic laboratory notebook have on the digitisation and management of scientific research? University of Southampton, Doctoral Thesis, 235pp.


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